Prologue: With her body trapped in a coma, Cordelia's options are narrowing daily. When, out the blue, she is given a chance to change the past, it seems like the perfect offer. But there's always more than meets the eye...

Episode Ten, "Enter the Watcher": As Doyle recovers from the injuries he received from the Beacon, a leather-clad Wesley Wyndam-Pryce roars into town claiming to be a rogue demon hunter... and following a particuliarly deadly demon that sets its gaze on Doyle.

Episode Eleven, "A Monster With an Angel's Face": Kate discovers Angel's secret after he comes to her assistance when a vampire from his past shows up in town and begins a killing spree.

Episode Twelve, "In a Demonic Way": After a night out on the town in an attempt to make Doyle jealous, Cordelia wakes up eight-and-a-half months pregnant with something decidedly inhuman growing inside her.

Episode Thirteen, "Fever Dreams": When Doyle is poisoned by a demon, his friends have forty-eight hours to find a cure before they lose him forever.

Episode Fourteen, "Against the Odds": When demons start mysteriously disappearing all over Los Angeles, the members of Angel Investigations aren't very concerned. But then Angel disappears as well.

Episode Fifteen, "Sins of the Father": While mysterious demonic violence draws Angel into the complicated relationship between Kate and her father, Doyle is forced to face his past when his Brachen father shows up in Los Angeles.

Episode Sixteen, "Taken": With Angel out of the country, it's up to Wesley and Doyle to save a kidnapped Cordelia. When the two of them have trouble putting their personal problems aside, however, things become deadly.

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Episode Seventeen, "Forever Young": An actress who Angel saves is intrigued by the thought of eternal youth, but her plans go awry when she inadvertently frees Angelus.