Welcome to Angel: Changes in Seasons, a virtual series based upon the characters and storyline of the television show Angel.

When Cordelia is offered a chance to pick a certain point in her life, change one detail, and then "relive" her life from there—without having any memories that she's already lived it—she is quick to take advantage of the offer. And the point of her life that she chooses? Doyle's death.

By saving his life, a chain of events are set into motion—events which will forever reshape the universe. Some lives will be saved, while others will be lost ... and as the seasons change, the journey will begin once again.

Status: The next episode is currently in progess. Keep an eye on the site and mailing list around the beginning of the new year.

Last Update: December 8, 2007

All characters belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and other related corporations, and because this virtual season is a re-work of the actual series, plot and dialogue are in some instances taken directly from actual episodes. No infringement is intended. This series, such as it is, was written as a sign of respect and love for the characters, the show, and their creator.