Prologue: With her body trapped in a coma, Cordelia's options are narrowing daily. When, out the blue, she is given a chance to change the past, it seems like the perfect offer ... but there's always more than meets the eye.

Season One

Episode Ten, "Enter the Watcher": While Doyle recovers from his injuries, a new client finds his way to Angel Investigation's door. When a familiar face shows up in L.A. as well, however, Angel quickly discovers that his friends may be in danger.

Episode Eleven, "A Monster With an Angel's Face": When Los Angeles is rocked by a wave of horrific murders, Kate finds herself being drawn into a world she never even knew existed. And when she becomes entangled in a deadly web, first woven by Angelus almost two hundred years earlier, her life changes forever.

Episode Twelve, "In a Demonic Way": In an attempt to force Doyle's hand, Cordelia drops back into her usual dating habits. When a date ends up going further than expected, however, she quickly finds herself in a troubling and unexpected condition.

Episode Thirteen, "Fever Dreams": When Doyle is poisoned by a rare demon, his friends have forty-eight hours to find a cure ... before it's too late. And while the others desperately search, it's up to Cordelia to take care of the quickly fading Doyle.

Episode Fourteen, "Against the Odds": When demons start disappearing around the city, the members of Angel Investigations aren't very alarmed ... even after a visit from Harry points them toward a supernatural cause. But when Angel disappears as well, everything changes.

Episode Fifteen, "Sins of the Father": While mysterious violence among demons draws Angel into the complicated relationship between Kate and her father, Doyle revisits his own demons when his Brachen father shows up looking for help.

Episode Sixteen, "Taken": With Angel out of the country, it's up to Wesley and Doyle to save a kidnapped Cordelia. When the two of them have trouble putting their personal problems aside, however, things become deadly.

Episode Seventeen, "Forever Young": An actress who Angel saves is intrigued by the thought of eternal youth, but her plans go awry when she inadvertently frees Angelus.

Episode Eighteen, "An Awakening of Faith": When a newly awakened Faith heads toward the City of Angels, she is quickly hired by Wolfram & Hart to rid them of their largest problem. And she quickly discovers that the best way to get to Angel is through his friends.

Episode Nineteen, "Unlikely Protector": Angel's life becomes even more complicated when Buffy shows up in L.A. to warn Angel about Faith ... only to find the dark-haired Slayer under his protection.

Episode Twenty, "Theatre of War": When Angel meets a young man who leads a gang of demon hunters, he attempts to convince him that not all demons are evil. In the meantime, Doyle and Cordelia once again attempt going out to dinner ... but, as always, the PTB have other plans.

Episode Twenty-One, "Blind Man's Bluff": Lindsey McDonald, a lawyer with Wolfram & Hart, begins to have second thoughts about his career path when he is put in charge of an assassin whose next target is a group of children. And who better to go to for help than Angel?

Episode Twenty-Two, "Shanshu": When Wolfram & Hart declares all-out war on Angel, Doyle and Wesley are two of the first victims. After putting Gunn and Alonna in charge of watching his friends, the vampire decides to fight back ... in any manner that he can. In the meantime, Cordelia finds herself once again approached by a familiar face... and she discovers that her "future" might still hold a few surprises.

Season Two

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